The Technical

March 24, 2019

The social benefits of economic development must be carried out by a strong social policy, United by a comprehensive policy that intertwine the economic development and social development in order to foster social capitalism; the economy itself has no human sensitivity, and therefore does not know nor means of distributing the money; before this, is the responsibility of a social policy that the distribution of the profits is given for the good of all. Today, spirituality represents the center of a new vision of the world that is built from different fields and disciplines, including the same science; spirituality is not religious belief, is not tied to any church, is not a paranormal phenomenon, is not a psychological category, does not depend on the time or knowledge, it is not individual, not dependent on culture or a moral, or wealth, or material poverty, instrumental rationality is not dependent or language, is not new age; spirituality is direct experience, is universal, internal order, is full presence in society, is knowledge is Yes itself is unity consciousness, it is transcendent and immanent, is transformative, cordial, brotherly, it is the recognition of the universal love as essential educational reality. It brings with it the truth and the truth is universal love. Holistic education is a pedagogy of universal love where the relationship between teachers and students and other members of the learning community is central, it is a conscious, deep, holistic and spiritual relationship, this sujeto-sujeto relationship is the base where it is built around the educational building. Being and having two addresses different life, but not necessarily contradictory, however, are what defines us is being; have is a horizontal dimension with the world that leads us to equate what I am with what I have, with what power, what I am with my properties, is the external dimension is based on the technical control of the world. . According to Peter Asaro , who has experience with these questions.

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