The Oskar

June 26, 2020

Even if it is with the old company to end it must be not final. As drip solution with reboot (plan bankruptcy) the participation of employees can be a meaningful form of financing, provided the profitability and sustainability of the company can be restored with great probability. Only then did It really make sense. Hence a new way of thinking and acting is often required. This is mostly about new heads”in the company to bring, which can be obtained also from the ranks of employees. Through participation in the employer not only the own jobs can be secured from the perspective of the employee. No, in good times, often also higher yields than with other fixed-income investments are possible. Who so the risks is a participation in a business enterprise aware (up to a total loss), who has lost money even despite the competent advice of appropriate service providers or who hot tips even poorer by so-called rather than as planned was richer for the participation in the company of his employer is an appropriate alternative for the own investment structure. in his writings.

To do this, there are some recommendations: develop a meaningful structure are the personal risk appetite and also the amount of the own freely available assets of importance. So never all eggs in one Basket basket”. The recommendations is: always different to choose personal matching risk appetite and investment objectives forms of investment, from different issuers. Already in the run-up to define a fixed percentage of assets, invested in risky assets (E.g. 20%). This is a very integral part of a personal investment strategy.

Always sufficient liquid reserves for contingencies reserve (deposit, money), if necessary also here sprinkle (distribute to multiple institutions). No risky assets on credit or money that must be available to a fixed date. The long-term successful investor differ from the others especially through a clear strategy, to which they also adhere. It includes losses to limit and to secure profits and much more. As a conclusion it can be said: there are also in SMEs attractive opportunities for investment as a complement to the stock market and asset management fund. The Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung has it so beautiful as a slogan: healthy middle class, strong economy, more jobs. And that will require adequate funding for entrepreneurial foresight, for further economic success and for a healthy growth.

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