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April 28, 2014

“Exciting guest lecture by Dominic Multerer on EMS open day open day guest lecture at the EMS Mainz Dominic Multerer, speaker and marketeer at national and international companies the power of social networks: social media in focus” on Saturday, the 26.11.2011, the EMS Mainz welcomed many prospective students to their open day. The varied programme provided an opportunity to get to know professors, faculty, students and staff of EMS. In addition to a trial lecture, presentations and the possibility of an advisory, the EMS was allowed to welcome Dominic Multerer, consultant and marketeer at national and international companies, to a guest lecture. Dominic Multerer was awarded in 2008 by the Handelsblatt recent marketing chief when he launched the international marketing of the Danish consumer goods manufacturer fucapo with 16 years. As a consultant he advises national and internationally based companies to align their marketing today at 19 years of age. “In his speech the power of social networks: social media in focus” stressed the importance of online marketing and the change of traditional communication channels the present prospective students. First of all clarified Mr. Multerer the development of communication. Earlier, went the customer in shoe – or bookstores, today made orders in Zalando or Amazon. The Internet and E-Mail traffic allow significantly faster communication. Rush is spreading: the message arrives faster, so that at the same time a fast response is expected. The company learned to arrange online through social networks such as Facebook. Smartphones guarantee a constant availability, even the manner of communication is irrelevant. As visualization of marketing, Mr Multerer compares the Act of a company with a neat and scruffy sports ground. A broken NET and a ungemahter lawn bring no good impression on the players. Someone to the contents of this sport place cares it remains fondly. The example shows, customer loyalty and sympathy are asked make relevant aspects of the Marketing dar and can be reached only through proper communication.

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