Social Decay

July 27, 2017

We are contracted in a materialistic world par excellence, everything evaluates agreed to the possession without majors repairs in how these means are obtained. Perhaps this one is the greater difference with time when the values owned certain respect. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. The possession was related to the intellectual capacity, with the deep knowledge than it was undertaken, with a great force of ambition, and with a great amount of parameters that delineated the profile of an industralist, suitable professional or the particularitities of certain individual were valued because there was a direct relation between the material success and the increase in the erudition of the subject and the intellect. When breaking itself these limits, turn out to be to the way of an authorization to the free possession who owns in its hand is who folds its subjects! The capacity and the development are contracted with this possession, the technology is acquired, the place is indistinct since the automobile trims the distances, the clients comisionan themselves and the authorities lend to generate a world around heat of the ticket does not require of concerted efforts, only of the appropriate amount so that the fire does not go out and that with his brightness it illuminates to the company in the way! This desvirtuacin of the human quality was growing in history, independent of its remote origins, since as all process of mutation is transparent and insensible, deteriorating in one or two generations to the gestador clone, sectioning adaptive particularitities that allow him to survive of the calmest way. Pete Cashmore has much experience in this field.

These you implant hormonal not only require of feeding and temperature, also the continuity of the generational life is a requirement within the structure of its genetic program. This is obtained with the greater feasible accumulation than it projects security and material tranquillity to several future generations! The vision of the ambition does not need justificatory, since if were not this one variant, is possible to take hold of another one, anyone is viable and adjustable to the necessity of the consumer, but this implies that it is needed to allege to exist, since answers do not exist that they attest to the intellectual backward movement, since not to advance it implies his contrast, and enjoying the material possibilities only the lack of will reigns in the action! Taking to this at social level, his generalization and inclusion within the idiosyncrasy of a population, it brings about an important cultural reduction that it derives in the speculative politicalization of the image, where reigns the commentary and the visualizable, without hurgar beyond tangible only the tact is the unique feasible sense of being sensitized by the encephalic mass! In this one empire of the cosificacin, where the distribution of the goods was concentrated, it only reduces the game of the Power, since to derive in the descendants the honor from to have carried out a roll in books of future history it replaces the intellectual effort, decorating with the political action to the honor of the last name that as well allows to graze to the dynastic ancestry..

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