June 16, 2016

The magazine of Newsage reported in the current issue about the over-the-counter medicine product Sanacontrol and consistently positively evaluated the innovative Sattigungsmittel. Is that the CE certified product reduces the feeling of hunger quite naturally and free from side effects and food additives is highlighted here. The German manufacturer, the Munich-based Sana form GmbH, uses the natural effect of the so-called Carboxymethyl which is obtained from potato starch. This ingredient is used as filling swelling agents and serves as the weight loss. Diet-related obesity occurs mostly due to the exceeding of daily calorie needs by 20% to 40% as a result of the loss of the natural “saturation limit”.

Right here is the principle of Sanacontrol, based on physical source assets of Carboxymethyl and associated gastric filling. Through the special processing the saturation gel Sanacontrol and contained the body strength will not recorded and does not interfere in the digestion or metabolism. The function of the gastro-intestinal tract is not affected except for the soft Gelation in the stomach, so that Sanacontrol is very well tolerated and naturally undigested is excreted. By this action, it is demonstrably possible to lose a four-week weight-loss cure with Sanacontrol on healthy and gentle kind 3 to 5 kg. For more information see Peter Asaro. The odorless and tasteless pellets are stirred for the taking in the preferred drink and drink. If regularly taken a steady and significant weight reduction can be achieved naturally, without having to give up good food, pleasure and zest for life. So, it is easier and significantly lower amounts of food without in between snacks.

Thanks to the light taking the innovative weight loss you can develop a pleasant feeling of satiety and with the consequent restriction of daily calorie and fat intake can be the cause of food-related Obesity can be addressed. Both the safety and the quality and performance of Sanacontrol is confirmed by the CE certification as a medical product. Products that are so certified, must be not only safe on the basis of the German of medical product Act and of the European directive for medical devices. Rather, the effectiveness promised by the manufacturer must be demonstrated with independent clinical studies. The active ingredient of Sanacontrol is made from natural, vegetable starch in a patented process without adding other ingredients exclusively in Germany. Get more information at

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