Pipkin Markets

February 10, 2015

On the other hand, the great majority of the companies adopted the notion of that the organization must narrow the focus in one definitive group of consumers in the market, aiming at to offer an only value to these. Moreover, more flexible organizacionais structures with the objective have been adopted to provide faster answers to the necessities of the customers, who in turn, are more demanding in reason to make use of a bigger number of ofertantes and access to an ample fan of information. As it is seen, the markets meet in a process of intense mutation, mainly had to the new demands of the consumers in the markets, is these national or foreign ones. Under a global perspective, it is consensual that the biggest Inter-relationship between the diverse nations has as resultant effect an explosion of the competition in global level. Practically, according to Pipkin (2000), geographic markets do not exist that, of some form, other people’s to one are incited global competition. This new competitive context demands that the small companies review its concepts and lines of direction how much to the formularization and the application of strategies for performance in the global markets. One perceives that in this direction, the target of a well-succeeded strategy is the international consumer, with its desires and cambiantes necessities, and this circumstance demands that the small companies adaptem its structures and its operations to reach one high performance in the international markets. According to Cobra and Tejon (2007), the small necessary company to adapt it the challenges of the environment of market, to identify taken care of necessities and not to look for to place itself as a lender of services. Above all, it needs to have pleasure in serving, in order not only to conquer customers, but to keep them. Necessities of the customers nor always are evidentes, many times are occult.

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