Mac Computers

April 21, 2013

A few days ago we presented a story where Google would abandon the use of Microsoft Windows in their offices by security. Now comes the news where it is reported that once again some Mac OS X applications contain spyware. Anti-virus company attempt, discovered these infections in routine inspections and inform this spyware isn’t in suspicious applications, but that it is downloaded during the process some applications or legitimate programs installations, of this hobble the user has no knowledge of this. Spyware is known as OSX/OpinionSpy and reportedly this was occurring on sites like MacUpdate and Softpedia mainly. In the majority of cases this arose when unloaded programs of conversion of audio such as Mishlnc FLV to MP3 and screensavers from 7art company. In some cases may occur as an installation of an add-on which scans the hard disk of the computer, converts the information in an encrypted which is sent regularly to some servers that report saves the data.

Also, in some cases this spyware injects code into programs such as Firefox, Safari, and iChat, in order to obtain information and send it as report equally. This proves that in reality no operating system could save the virus and as many people did not think possible Apple computers also receive infections. The conclusion that I have personally come to have in relation to because Microsoft Windows has many more problems of viruses or infections, is because it is an operating system much more popular than the others, which creates a better target for the number of users that could infect with a single file. With the growth of Apple computers have been taking in the past few years, viruses and files infections have come out more frequently in the Mac operating system, probably since with the growth of these devices and operating system, it becomes a better target for hackers and creators of these files.

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