International Experts Discuss The German Energy Revolution

April 14, 2014

OTTI e.V. organised a Conference on the network integration of renewable energies in Berlin, Regensburg, 30 August 2012. The Ostbayerische Institute of technology transfer (OTTI) organised the 5. International Conference for the network integration of renewable energies. For the first time held the event in the country of the energy revolution. International experts from 17 countries discussing German energy transformation and the transformation of the network from 4 to 6 December in Berlin, and compare them to the scenarios in other countries.

The Organizer expects 300 to 500 international participants. In addition to political conditions, the technological challenges include network integration to a focus on the Conference. In other plenary sessions, international experts are pilot projects, smart grid in model regions (so-called Smart grids), future scenarios for a share of renewable energy by up to 80 percent, as well as new standards and test methods. Everyone at a table of the German climate protection goals can only be achieved when the energy is transformed,”says Conference Chairman Philipp Strauss from the Fraunhofer Institute for wind energy and energy system technology. The 5th Conference of integration we look outside the box and bring all involved the energy industry at a table.” The speakers also representatives of energy agencies, the European Commission, as well as research and testing institutes from Europe, Asia, Australia and America include utilities, politicians and plant operators. With discussions, short presentations, workshops, and accompanying exhibitions, the Organizer creates additional platforms for the international exchange of experience. Makers of international energy trade in the International Conference on the integration of renewable and decentralised energy producers (International Conference on the integration of renewable energy sources and distributed energy resources) is aimed at decision makers in the energy sector. 2004 In Brussels took place since its launch every two years in another country.

Patron of the 5th International Conference on integration is the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety. For more information, application forms and detailed program available on the Internet under available. For representatives of the press will be on December 4th at the venue in the Maritim proArte hotel in Berlin held a press conference with international energy experts of the integration-Conference. For more information and an invitation will follow shortly. About OTTI e.V. The Ostbayerische Institute of technology transfer (OTTI) is a further education institution in the legal form of the non-profit association. Based the Institute relies on the Foundation initiative from business and politics on a complex international network in economy, science, research, associations and politics. All activities of the SHERRIN are aimed at promoting the economic performance of companies through transfer of knowledge. Since 1986, OTTI organized conferences and seminars in the field of renewable energies. The spectrum ranges from biomass via hydroelectric power up to Photovoltaic systems and innovative energy management. Editor and press contact OTTI – Ostbayerisches technology transfer Institute e.

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