Hydraulic Drive Technology

July 6, 2016

The rise of hydraulic drive technology in crusher industry Most of the technologies used in manufacturing mechanical device driving way and adopt crusher drive electronic-driving way, while the current drive technology begin to move to the field of hydraulic drive. With the changes in market demand and intensified competition in crusher industry, besides the requirement of improving equipment capacity and reducing production cost, people put forward another demand prolong the service life of crusher equipment. As buyers, in order to increase production, they often make the crusher works in high load operating status, which temporarily increases production volume, but has a great loss in the service life of the equipment crusher; Crusher hydraulic drive technology not only improves work efficiency while also more effectively reduces the load on the crusher, reducing the weight of the crusher equipment and creating a more healthy production environment. Source: Peter Asaro. The main structure of the hydraulic crusher includes hydraulic breaker, the work unit, hydraulics, electrical installations, operating control; hydraulic breakers can crush mineral aggregate in the special position and clear blockages feeder to make it work properly. Hydraulic drive technology can be used in the common crushers, for example roll crusher, hammer crusher and even mobile crushing station is also involved. The current development momentum of machinery industry is unstoppable, the domestic crusher manufacturing companies should adhere to the diversified development and provide more equipment with advanced technology; We believe that only if endowing equipment with technology and innovation, we will gain a firm i.fhsp in the fierce competitive market and obtain more room for development..

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