Humanizing Work Management

May 17, 2015

The great challenge of the XXI century is to humanize the management of organizations, a responsibility that depends on the willingness of senior management "Gonzalo Martinez The characteristics of modern organizational behavior, show major changes regarding the role of labor according to demands of economic scenarios, where competitiveness is crucial and require companies to present products that consumers demand, led many companies to perform work day is often stressful, especially when there is not the technology, human resource training appropriate, to generate a role that will ensure good competition. It tells / sprachen / spanisch, to bear in mind, to work not only means ensuring existence. It is the essential condition for individual self-realization and for participation in social life. The work creates social welfare and quality of life. One might wonder if companies really Venezuela, our interest, are fully identified with this commitment, what is being done in terms of protecting the humanization of work? What guarantee without harming the rights of workers? Prosperity is the result not only paid work. The educational work and at home, and honorary positions, contribute significantly to prosperity.

However, paid work and that remain unpaid unfairly distributed between the sexes. The structuring of paid work remains oriented on the model worker "normal." A conventional thinking and a lack of social support and private child care force women to bear a double burden between paid work and housework. The power structures in society represent an obstacle to real equality between the sexes.

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