Historic Site

November 19, 2016

In what it says respect to the land historical dopatrimnio preservation of the city of Belm, the situation meets emum been serious. the present article goes sample the situation where if encontramo Palacete Pine, Palacete Bologna, the Market of Is Braz and the WaldemarHenrique Theater. Not obstante the innumerable difficulties emse to preserve the historic site, we find some building that are numestado of conservation good as it is the case, for example, of the Palacete Bologna, to put what it happens is the lack of politics you publish that they stimulate apreservao of this patrimony. (Similarly see: Steve Wozniak). Looking at for the past it is that to vamosconstruir a gift and a future of quality and is breaking of this pressupostoque the article will show to the importance and the history of each one of these building epara that ends had been used and as if they find currently. Pine is the case of palacete that seencontra in a total abandonment and the cost of its restoration is highest.

But apresentando and facing the difficulties and that we really go to preserve onosso patrimony. Methodology This work had as research source periodicals, magazines, Internet and research in field. the research in field had been made in the cited visatados building and also in the municipal city hall of they belem. JUSTIFICATION: Oobjetivo of this project is to bring information concerning the importance of the historical land nossopatrimnio, more specifically the Palacete Bologna, Pine, Experimental Theater Waldemar Enrique and the Market of Is Braz. Therefore to falarmosdesses patrimonies we are in reporting the great wealth of the past and of umperodo of you influence Europeans, more necessarily French, in which podemosnos to relate the Belle-poque call, time of gold in the Amaznia due ‘ ‘ boom’ ‘ of the gomifera economy. Then, the central objective of this project is beyond showing to the historical bases daconstruo of these building, also and mainly acquiring knowledge the pupils, for a importance of the restoration and preservation of our ecultural historic site.

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