Creating Interior Design

June 8, 2014

Do you want to equip your home yourself? You trust only your own taste when it comes to the design of your interior? Well, it is commendable, but I would like you to see what will be your home after renovation? Close your eyes and imagine it is possible, but difficult, and others their thoughts while we have not learned to pass. Then it's a matter of technology, and specifically business computer, and you program to work with three-dimensional computer graphics, 3ds max. To master the power of 3D graphics everyone is interesting and exciting to do. So, let's say you have installed 3ds max, but what next? And then we look for lessons in creating interiors in 3ds max. When found, then carefully read and understand that it can be divided into several phases: modeling of the space, create 3D models of furniture and interior design elements (if no time to create the model itself, they can always be downloaded for free from various sites), the creation of materials and imposing them on the 3D model, the installation of lighting and camera (yes, there are very real camera to shoot that in the real world), and, finally, 3D visualization.

Let us examine each of these steps separately. As we can see, it all starts with the process of creating geometry. If you have at hand a precise plan of your home, then fine. We draw lines the walls and set their width. Next or download the furniture, or simulate it yourself.

The second option is more complex and not-established skills are not enough. Suppose, we figured out, then continue to pick up materials. The materials for the interior are created using photographs of real textures that can be applied to an object. Will look like in life. There are so many options of materials that can be used to achieve photorealistic results. Everything you can read and learn. But not enough to create materials that need to be able to correctly apply them on the 3D model. This mapping will help us. When everything in its place, you can start a test render. But before we proceed to the renderer, you must install and configure the lighting. Install lights where they are should you be on the plan. If you want to get the picture, flooded with sunlight, then also need to create the sun outside the window and sent its rays through the windows. You can then proceed to the pre-rendering. This will help us popular plug-in for 3ds max, the Bulgarian miracle of engineering – V-Ray. 3D visualization of the interior in VRay starts with the selection options, balancing between the speed of rendering and image quality. For each scene, these settings are unique, can give some general guidance on every occasion of life and at the same guess. No trial and error is necessary. So you can spend all day on test renders until you get desired. When you find the right settings, increase the resolution and quality imaging, and forward to the final render of interior design! Hopefully, you will have to translate their dreams into reality, because the visualization in 3ds max – the first step, followed by the actual construction.

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