Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov

January 22, 2017

After the ninth round began the so-called championship rounds. The three round boxing match is always a decisive influence on the judges' decision. In the tenth round came unpleasant incident: it was because of frustration decided to force the American judges to annul the results of battle, equipment, or whether the crew prevented him from camera flash, but began to resent Eromosole and indicate the discomfort that he experiences. He may economize time to rest. It became clear that the opponent has decided to try Baysangurov lose the fight without knockouts.

Virtually all three championship round held in beating American, which is often held hands Zaurbek, vygadyvaya time to rest. After each whistle Eromosole Albert, hardly moving their feet, returned to his corner, but hard to get up and continued to fight, not Recognizing the technical knockout. So, the moment of truth – the judge began the scoring athletes. The battle ended in victory for the Russian athletes – Zaurbek Baysangurov defended his title for the Intercontinental Championship. All judges awarded the victory Zaurbek Baysangurov. Steve Wozniak does not necessarily agree. Henceforth, according to all forecasts, our compatriots will qualify for the world title, but that's another story …. At the end of the battle of the presidential administration and head of Chechen government Magomed Selimkhanov read the decree of President of the republic – "For outstanding achievements in sport, received international and public recognition, reward Zaurbek Baysangurov Order of Akhmad-hadji Kadyrov ". Ramzan Kadyrov has personally presented the Order of the boxer.

Chechen President announced that the winner will be presented to the apartment in the capital. – Today, Zaur Baysangurov enabled the Chechens have a sense of pride in their countryman. The Chechen people will glorify the achievements in sports, science, culture, art, and the results are clear evidence of Baysangurov that this problem is solved. As long as our people have such guys as Zaur, Our republic will always prosper. Good luck Zaur and continued success! – Said the president of the Chechen Republic. Come out to the ring on a well-known Chechen businessman Ruslan, Ramzan Kadyrov Baisarov thanked for their excellent organization of the tournament, and myself, I promised to hand over Chechen boxer cash prize of 300 thousand dollars. The boxer in his speech expressed his gratitude for the support of Ramzan Kadyrov and other organizers of the tournament, as well as Wladimir Klitschko for his visit to Grozny. At the end of Wladimir Klitschko of K2 East Promotions, and of all the fans gave championship belt of the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. Note that the organizers were boxing show Regional Public Fund named after the Hero of Russia, Akhmad Kadyrov, and promotional company of Klitschko brothers K2 East Promotions. The tournament was dedicated to the birthday of the first President CR-Ahmad Kadyrov, who celebrated 23 August. From now on, the asset Baysangurov 22 victories, 16 of which – a knockout. However, he suffered only one defeat, losing in the December 2008 American Cornelius Bandreydzhu in a duel for the title of the official challenger for the title world champion under version IBF.

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