Brushes Photoshop

February 21, 2017

(The parameter only available for round or elliptical brush shape). -Interval parameter is included if you put the same name flazhek. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. It is designed to create between the elements in a stroke intervals. Changed by moving the slider. The greater the interval, the more space between elimentami. Two of the field and the length of the scheme meant changing the shape of Brushes Photoshop, to do this by moving the manipulator (point) in the scheme, or enter the desired value in the form field, the greater the input value, the closer to the original fingerprint form (for the original, this parameter is equal to 100%).

The slope of the change by turning the arrow on the diagram, or enter a value for Angle. On the eighth-version added Two new flags in the form of elimenta REFLECT REFLECT X and Y, are intended to mirror the footprint of the axes X and Y. 3. DYNAMICS OF SHAPE is to set up a print of the dynamic parameters such as vibration size, the minimum diameter variations of the angle, the oscillations of the form, the minimal form, to reflect fluctuations and other, whose function it is easy to understand, to experiment with these parameters. 4. DISPERSION is designed to dispersal of copies print.

The tab has the following settings: dispersal, meter, vibration meter. 5. TEXTURE is designed to simulate painting brush on textured canvas or paper. For choice of pattern is used as a brush, open a list of ready designs in the top section. Just tab has the following settings: size, depth, treatment options and the minimum depth and depth variations are available after you check the box to texture each print. 6. Dual brushes as opposed to the usual brush to apply two strokes at one stroke. 7. Color dynamics has the following configuration items parameters: the oscillation of the foreground and background, variations of hue, saturation and brightness and clarity 8. The speakers have the following settings: variations of opacity and the amount of paint do you see, Photoshop allows you to flexibly configure their tools to more effectively work with them.

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