10 Essential Habits To Protect Your Information

October 3, 2013

No need to be paranoid security on computers or the Internet but it is very advisable to acquire certain habits and follow the recommendations that make us forget we feared computer disaster. Who of us has not come that fateful day that looks like your hard drive splash, slows down your computer, your operating system crashes and finally after rebooting looking at the sky, check your emails, their letters, their bookmarks of favorite web pages have been devoured and never more it was heard of them. This is avoidable with simple but consistent habits when working with your computer. In this article you will find some tracks not having to regret you: 1 define from the outset a good structure of directories and folders must be created a recognizable structure, topics or other criteria that may be of interest to us. It is necessary to be very rigid in terms of the place where our data is stored and not use alternate locations the rush or temporarily. 2 Save programs and data on different disks Create our system of folders and directories, if possible, on a disk, or at least different partition where the operating system is running and if possible also the programs on our computer.

The ideal situation is not to share data between disk space and executables (OS, programs, etc) 3 distinguish between facts and replaceable data is important to know that there is data that we create (letters, drawings, spreadsheets, excel, pdf, etc) and others that create programs (profiles, data user, logs, etc) are important, as our work a few and to be helpful to reinstall the other. It is important to have this clear before considering the next point. 4 Tell programs where data should be stored by default any program that you use, you have options to configure with which we can tell in that directory or folder has to save the content created with him.

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