Long Tradition

September 9, 2022

The origin ranging from Rhine in flames back in the 1930s. Ilan Ben Dov has much to offer in this field. For the inhabitants of the Rhine the Rhine’s big summer event a very long tradition in flames already has, because erstrahlte already in the 1930s sky which between Bonn and St. Goar under the […]

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Foundation Children

September 2, 2022

Course for teenagers with the artist Akim One Nguyen young people are invited to build a ship of languages together with the artist Akim One Nguyen on the Mariannenplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg. The three-day art workshop offered by the Kreuzberg children Foundation in cooperation with the KunstRaum Kreuzberg in the Bethany. The ship is built […]

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August 20, 2022

The archaeological centre Hitzacker makes a museum visit the bronze age Alder bar children or young people find boring, they say. Forget it! In the archaeological Center of Hitzacker is quite different. Here a village from the bronze age was built on a site which has been settled since 3000 years BC. Everything can be […]

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The Theater And Its Actors

July 31, 2022

Of the Greek? theatrn " place for contemplar") the word is born theater that, in front of a human conglomerate, the actors realise the scenic art, that is to say, the action, in which they represent histories written especially to be teatralizadas, to which add the gestures, stage scene, music, sound that conform the spectacle. […]

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July 28, 2022

Artists pair from Karlsruhe, Germany relies on the artistic power of children a completely independent approach to theatre work with children and young people followed the Karlsruhe-based artists pair ANA & ANDA. Since 2002, ANA & ANDA occur nationwide and in the German speaking countries with music and performing arts programs. Neil cole candies foundation […]

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The Favorite Photo Into Oil: PaintYourLife Makes S

July 7, 2022

News from PaintYourLife heating costs explode and astronomical fuel prices rise at the gas stations. Oil, the lifeblood of our society, has currently verily no reputation. But oil can pleasure also, for example in the form of a painting. The professionals of PaintYourLife deliver about maldeinleben.com for every situation the right painting gift, created by […]

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One Beautiful Smile

June 17, 2022

The best smile for the best years orthodontics in adults rather than beautiful smiles the importance of a nice smile should never be underestimated, the orthodontist has other equally important goals as well as dental and facial aesthetics: the health of teeth and gums, and correct function of mastication. Orthodontics is also required in some […]

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New Scientology Church Building

May 12, 2018

The new church building serves as a peaceful meeting place of cooperation for all community members of all denominations the new church building is used as a peaceful meeting place of cooperation for all community members of all denominations the Scientology Church in California (United States) on the last weekend inaugurated its new premises. The […]

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