International Congress

July 11, 2018

CADENAS regional offices in Italy and the United States take Bregenz asimPublish in the product portfolio, May 21, 2012. The professional software solution for the creation of pre and after sales documents is now available for technical documentation in Italy and the United States asimPublish. The respective country offices of CADENAS GmbH. CADENAS take over the sales and support partner asim and asimPublish has integrated into its software for electronic CAD product catalogues. In the long run, worldwide all locations of CADENAS supposed to absorb asimPublish in the product portfolio. asimPublish is a standalone enterprise software solution by asim for efficient product information management. She finds application in many companies, when it comes to the simple and efficient creation of printed sales or spare parts catalogues and technical documentation. The Augsburg software manufacturer CADENAS has integrated asimPublish in its product portfolio, digital 3D so to combine print catalogues, that users generate added value can.

Of the additional possibilities to have convinced the two CADENAS subsidiaries in Italy and the United States on the International Congress of CADENAS industry forum 2012 in Augsburg recently. They will offer in the future asimPublish with. “Dipl. ing (FH) Jurgen Heimbach, Managing Director of CADENAS GmbH says: the tool is asimPublish due to its functionality, Integrability and openness to desktop publishing programs for us par excellence, when it comes to the creation of print catalogs.” That the sites in Italy and the United States first for the inclusion of asimPublish in the product portfolio have decided, is not surprisingly for him: the two countries are always very open-minded towards new. In addition, there are there so far no comparable solution.” Hansjorg B. Gutensohn, CEO of asim added: both countries have a huge market potential. We have received concrete requests and forward them now together with colleagues by CADENAS in concrete projects to implement.” CADENAS has the goal that all its 14 locations asimPublish eCATALOGsolutions record in different countries as part of its software solution.

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