Tube Bending Technology

July 11, 2017

Not a question of honour of the actuator to the benefit of our customers in the discussion among users of bending machines on the meaningful use of electric or hydraulic actuators the opinions diverge for several years. The trans fluid is Maschinenbau GmbH customer-focused on this issue. Therefore the Schmallenberger companies due to new possibilities of electrical drives equips now cost-neutral CNC bending machines up to a diameter of 42 mm with full electric drives. Undoubtedly the question entitled bending machines over 120 mm, if not outweigh the benefits of hydraulic. Below this diameter must be thought to but. Servo-electric drives bribes are taken by their better energy efficiency, their higher speed and temperature-independent accuracy. In the facilities of his machine series uses these benefits TRANS fluid. Yet another point is one of the simple synchronization of axes for the Schmallenberger.

This moments can be generated if the axes before rush or controlled brakes are. This is a crucial aspect. Especially if sophisticated geometries or radii should be generated. This development of electric drives has promoted TRANS fluid customer-oriented in a variety of applications. The probably most challenging project was the implementation on a tube bending machine up to the pipe diameter of 90 x 1.5 mm with a bending radius of 0.8 x the diameter of the pipe. On customer request made possible an automatically process-integrated tool change TRANS fluid in addition. The result is a machine with two levels of tool.

Up to eight different tools (clamping fixtures) can be exchanged automatically in the bending process. The processsafe manufacture of close radii is guaranteed by the pushing to the last arc. All the advantages of electric drives were also used in this project. Thus, the goal of the customer, to reduce costs, was ensured. A matter of principle, whether hydraulic or electric actuator, was not to debate, but quality-conscious thinking and the long-term Advantages of the implemented technology for the customers. Contact information: TRANS fluid Maschinenbau GmbH Hune trenches 20-22 57392 Schmallenberg Germany Tel.: + 49 2972 97 15-0 fax: + 49 2972 97 15-11

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