Computer Advances

May 14, 2020

In these mine almost 20 years of Internet (since 1991 when I was part of first the 1500 users of the Project-pilot Embratel), never I believed that a World-wide Net of computers could guarantee absolute confidencialidade. From the moment where if ‘ ‘ pluga’ ‘ a computer in a net, places a door of entrance and exit of data. Locks, latches and alarms in one never marry had been guarantee of security against the friends of the other people’s one. When our privacy is invaded and in we feel them attacked, we appeal to justice. It ahead places the aggressor in the courts of us and the decision will be based on facts, tests and arguments to make to be valid the law. However, what the privacy invasion happens when reaches the credibility of the proper law? in the case of the site WikiLeaks, the credibility of the international laws that cover the paradoxical methods of the srdida, hypocritical and interesseira diplomacy (redundancy)? This revelation on the nicknames of Batman and Robin that the American diplomats had given to the Dimitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, is of less.

I do not imagine that Amorim, Squid, Ahmadinejad and Chavez when they are together, if relate to the president of U.S.A., ministers of England and Israel of less jocosa form. Nor Putin and Medvedev when they mention the Obama. If you are not convinced, visit David Treadwell. On Dilma, they are half or entire these truths, happened during the dictatorship and these denunciations of robbery the banks and resistance armed tired of circulating in Brazil for the Internet in the electoral period. At last, the formality diplomatics alone exists in meetings and public appearances. The involved diplomats will change and everything will come back to the hypocrisy of always.

The WikiLeaks only showed TEXTUALMENTE what all had always imagined, therefore, nobody is so ingenuous the point to believe that the diplomacy aims at the good of the humanity. They form a flock of egoists of limited intelligence and believe that its countries are in another galaxy, immune to the catastrophes of the Planet Land. Test of this was the constatao by means of the WikiLeaks of that superpowers of antagonistic ideologies as U.S.A. and China formal are joined around interests that insult the logic of the common good, supporting the wild capitalism and insensitive to its consequncias. The document revelation that shows to these two countries representing papers combined in the THEATER DIPLOMATIST against the adoption of goals for the reduction of toxic gases, was the great bomb that implodiu the few hopes of humanists and ecologists. These constataes make to change of opinion the ones that considered the Greenpeace and other ONGs, inconvenient and radical entities. U.S.A. had still called the responsible ones for the WikiLeaks terrorists, in a hypocritical inversion of values. Invasion of privacy is crime, but after all, which are the ones that REALLY are committing attempted against terrorist against the Planet and the humanity?

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