Armed Forces Conditional

December 9, 2012

This aid the person if to protect of thermal shocks, cooled, hipertenso, of cystitis, renais, espasmos, torcicolos problems and others males, derived from the act of somebody to arise themselves abruptly, with the still hot body, and to catch cold. It is clearly, I am speaking in general way, for the people who do not possess conditional air nor other ways of calefao in its houses. I particularly do not have conditional air where I live. I have only one greenhouse, that I bind when is very cold, but disconnect one fifteen or twenty minutes before lying down to me or leaving pra street. Another reason to arise itself to devagar is the possibility, for the people who have column or angina problems, to suffer some shakes or discomfort.

I remember of when he was in army, to the nineteen years, and who served in the Armed Forces knows of this, that we had that to jump of our bunks to the six of the morning, in full winter, to undress our shelter, to dress shimstock and t-shirt, and simply, thus dresses, with clogs wooden, to cross the patio of the quarter, diagonally, in a distance of 150 meters, until the other extremity of the enclosure, where they were the chuveiros of our battery, and there to take a bath of shower with cold water daily. Our organisms, are clearly, they were accustomed to this disciplines daily, and this, more the physical exercise, in them protected of any males. During some time, later that I left the quarter, I took bath cold. But later I started to take care of my health more than and to follow, to raising me for the morning, the advice of my mother and my grandmother. Therefore, my friend, my friend, if you do not have conditional air in its residence, you advise to it to follow that recommendation: in the winter half hour before has waked up if to raise, removes to the few covers, until being covered (a) only with a sheet, prolongate legs and arms in a natural espreguiamento, and then if it raises, it places a slipper, it makes a fast exercise of heating, it drinks three or four water cups and tranquilamente goes to brush teeth or to take its matinal bath without no problem.

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