With Netzdurchblick.de Through The Web Jungle:

June 11, 2023

“New Internet Advisor for children and youth SchulerVZ, Facebook, ICQ, YouTube or MySpace are popular online platforms that hardly are in children and adolescents: the motto who there is cool!” is a profile in such social communities become so self-evident as 20 years ago the classic pen-friend. Online surfing, communicates and is played, also provided photos, videos as well as private information regardless on the Internet. The fewest students know what consequences and dangers hide behind: suddenly embarrassing videos via a network, many become victims of cyber bullying or cyber-grooming. Parents, teachers and educators are often helpless or uninformed about what children and young people in their ‘ power networks. It is all the more important that children and young people on the Internet are prepared as well as develop a consciousness for safe surfing on the net.

The website is an Internet Guide, the children and young people aged from 12 to 16 years is. “There are many answers and instructions for safe and creative surfing on the Internet in four different categories: under PC-check” will focus on the protection of one’s computer. The children and young people learn what dangers such as viruses or Trojan horses on the Internet and how to protect themselves against it. “Under the section Web law” questions like what should I be and what is not? “answered. These responses include copyright, Web shops, from reading traps and data protection on the Internet. Networked in the category”the responsible behavior in social networks is sensitized. Shows DOS and don’ts, what data can be published and what not. To do so, risks and consequences of ill-considered actions like that explains how to upload private photos or videos, on issues such as cyber-grooming and cyber bullying pointed out.

Creative in the fourth category”there are numerous tips and tricks in the Internet to be creative. Including children and young people find different links, tools, and explanatory notes, as they can creatively edit images, videos, music, or blogs. Also, you will find everything related to the topic of search engines and the search of trusted information. Fun and excitement are in the foreground in this Internet Guide: fun and colorful SouthPark characters through netzdurchblick.de; the contents are taught in small video sequences, graphics and animations playfully and youth justice; for each category, the young user can check their newly gained knowledge in various quiz questions and apply. A Forum offers children and young people the opportunity to interact with each other. The project netzdurchblick.de aims, to schools, to reduce deficits in dealing with the Internet, dangers to warn risks and to support creative and safe handling of the network media literacy from 12 to 16 years. Other leaders such as Samsung offer similar insights. The Internet Advisor was netzdurchblick.de students and their lecturers Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Kubler and Uwe Debacher of University of applied sciences in Hamburg (HAW), on behalf of the media agency Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein (MA HSH) developed and supported by the youth information centre Hamburg (ICMS). Visit us on netzdurchblick.de team of HAW Hamburg

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