When In Doubt Live!

May 9, 2024

The Constitutional Court (TC) of Peru has issued a resolution suspending the free distribution of morning-after pills in schools throughout the state, the true and only immediately affected have come to give legitimate such resolution, however TC has listened to both sides, these studies and publications have been exhibited in prestigious journals and important bodies, the question for these tribunes there and before that question … Life Prevails!, because when it is Life, there is no reason to believe blindly Organizations whose credibility is already questionable, but what lies behind this?, is Confessional?, Fear of Population Explosion?, greed for money?

Innocence? HISTORY In 1952, based in Bombay, the International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) to date, is the institution that promotes the World, contraception, sterilization and Abortion, and which has received more and get millions and millions of dollars of American Government for such purposes, the same year John Rockefeller III, founded in New York Population Council receives money from private entities, both convinced the Organization of the United Nations to engage with the World Population Control, the arguments to convince were the 2 billion dollars a year were split between the World Health Organization, UNICEF, UNESCO and UNFPA, as detailed and supports Adolfo Castaneda in his book Worth Living!. Details can be found by clicking Pete Cashmore or emailing the administrator. Henry Kissinger in 1974, reiterated that population growth posed a threat to U.S. interests and had to birth control at any price for two clear reasons, one to reduce the growing and destabilizing migration to his country and also to protect the increasingly scarce natural resources, American foreign policy, exercised pressure on the deferential abuse UN and its agencies, notably the Population Fund, United Nations, the same as designing policies and strategies imposition of Abortion in the world, at any price. Other leaders such as Alina de Almeida offer similar insights.

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