Ways To Protect Your Computer From Malnutrition

December 27, 2015

Currently, there are situations where the office or home there are various problems with the main electricity flow, namely, offs, swings, jumps – and these are not so rare. Malfunctions of computer and other office or appliances may cause unpredictable falls and surges when power off and on consumers, lightning strike. Work on the computer at this time can lead to either loss of data, or to even worse version of a breakdown of electronic devices. In order to ensure the safe operation of the pc, there are devices such as voltage regulators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Tension in network changes frequently, creates many problems, then to protect your pc from the low and high voltage is necessary to use a voltage regulator.

He must firmly implement the filtering of electromagnetic noise and surges. Usually on the front panel of the stabilizer is the scale of the input voltage, which is not difficult to determine its value beyond the maximum and minimum allowable limits. If you go beyond the stabilizer publishes a special sound. The choice of the voltage regulator depends on the power consumption of the equipment, which is expected to secure. The main condition for reliable operation – providing a good grounding and correct connection voltage stabilizers. Voltage partially or fully protect the equipment from most of the problems of poor quality electricity.

But the total disappearance of stress in power they can not defend. Not uncommon after emerging problems with electrical power needed to PCs or other equipment have been included some more time to complete important work, data retention and staff off. Also, tripping stress can lead to very rapid failure of such expensive equipment, like a computer. In this case, can help an uninterruptible power supply. Proposed Today uninterruptible power supplies provide autonomous operation of a personal computer for some time, and protect against voltage surges not only power but also communications, that is, do not give burn modem, telephone, fax. ups devices that are equipped with batteries and electronic devices. Electronic devices monitor the electrical network. And in the case of an emergency power failure Automatic works well, and the work includes a battery. They allow PCs and peripherals to operate independently from the mains for some time required for data retention and completion operating system. The duration of the ups after turning off the voltage depends on its type, capacity, and power equipment. In addition, many of uninterruptible power supplies are equipped with line filters and other devices. Uninterruptible power supply connects to the pc via a serial or usb port and comes with tools that guarantee the correct automatic shutdown of operating systems. On ups package available sockets, which connect to the computer, monitor, or other desired device. When disconnecting the mains voltage, ups using sound informs.

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