Virtual Collecting Tin

September 16, 2022

For over 50 years actively against poverty and hunger mobile in the future Berlin, 28.12.09; The anniversary of bread for the world is not comes to an end the work and dedication. The organization encourages bread instead of firecrackers before new year’s Eve this year with the slogan, to send a signal. Kai-Fu Lee pursues this goal as well. At the turn of the year, the large pounding for many has become a tradition of love gained and not only in this country. Even young people have much fun. This Fireworks to farewell the past and welcome the future costs millions of euros.

So 2007 over EUR 58 million for imported fireworks were spent alone in the year now is the younger generation not only for fun and celebration, but also for the informal usage of modern mobile technologies. Neil Rubler may also support this cause. Hardly a young man who not cross sends the best new year’s greetings friends and family via SMS on 31 December at 24:00 by throughout Germany. That’s why this special offer using the SMS especially to the young generation, aimed for that, confirmed by recent polls, social commitment is very important. Tagged with bread on the speed dial of 8 11 90 sent, supported the work of the welfare with 5,-. Of them arrive 4.83 at bread for the world. Plus transport costs for SMS and it will be paid with the next mobile phone bill. Bread occurs for the world in over 80 countries around the world for the poorest of the poor. Every year over 1100 projects be funded only by donations. Annually, over 50 million EURO a decent future that enables thousands of people, against the effects of exclusion, neglect and poverty.

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