Unknown Planets

February 3, 2011

Not in a circle and a spiral! The school is taught that the planets revolve around the sun in fixed orbits. In my opinion, this is not true. They rotate in a spiral, gradually moving away from the Sun. Podtverhdeniem this is the law of gravity Newton. F t = g * moh * Ms/R2 where that is the force of gravity directly proportsionana masses of interacting bodies and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Sun, burning loses about 4 million tons per second. Otnositeno entire mass Sun, this value is negligible, and during the existence of an advanced civilization quite palpable. However, if we consider that this process is many billions of years, the decrease in the mass turns out to be quite significant. Consequently, in formula, the value of Mc is continuously decreasing, and as a result of continuously decreasing the gravitational force divided by distance from the sun (conventionally) into 3 zones: 1-I close to the Sun, is called conditionally 'red', where too high temperature, 2-I mean, is called conditionally 'green', which range from -50 to +50 degrees, a zone of life, a distant third, is called conditionally 'blue', where very low temperatures. So, when the solar system was very young, all the planets it were in the 'red' zone. As the burning sun, planets, in turn, beginning with the farthest, were part of a 'green' zone and then they occurred lives. Then disposed of in the 'blue' area fully covered by ice and life to the next Planet, which was a zone of life.

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