United States Bing

June 19, 2023

While that size audience Bing is small, but the number of users increases continuously. For example, in America Bing.com recognized the fastest growing search algorithm. In the United States Bing takes 3 place in the ranking of the most powerful search engines after Google and Yahoo. At the moment, to Bing, there are ten% of search traffic in the U.S., and this despite the fact that Bing.com start only in mid-June 2009 In November 2009, search engine and search engine Yandeks.ru Bing – partners and now users of search engines Bing will see ads on the content network Yandex. This is the first agreement of the Russian search engine with a major international search engine. Consequently, advertising communications agency clients 'PikMedia' will now appear not only on Yandeks.Ru and Mail.ru, but also the pages of the latest search engine Bing.com.

Pleasant, too, the fact that PikMedia – Yandex partner agency and contextual advertising allocates to the rate of initial Yandeksa.Takie welcome addition to the strategy Yandex can not but rejoice. Because it helps marketing agencies to offer services to patrons contextual advertising much more of good quality, as well as to help the success of their organizations. Internet advertising is rapidly spreading, and advertising in the context of acts engine of this development. Ad Network Yandex – Yandex – is the most famous in the Russian Internet system placing contextual ads. Daily audience of search Yandex.ru – over 5 million visitors – about 65 percent of users around the Runet. That is why Establishing and managing an advertising company in the Network of Yandex contextual advertising has become one of the most popular service marketing communications agency Pik-Media. And despite the fact that Yandex.Direct covers a maximum audience 'PikMedia' works with all major systems of contextual advertising in Russia: Yandex Direct, Begun, Google Adwords.

What are the advantages of contextual advertising? Save time – to prepare and launch a marketing campaign in Yandex.Direct possibly within a few hours. Manageability – you assign yourself, what position and what time of day will display your promotional message. Small price to pay – an inexpensive and efficient method of searching target customers. 'PikMedia' creates and tracks advertising campaign cost only 5000 p.) Contextual advertising quickly and without significant investment leads you to loyal customers. The results will be within the first days posting content. This is a highly effective method of advertising for small and medium businesses, especially in adverse economic circumstances.

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