The New Sprinter

December 25, 2023

The main thing for us to make you happy. This says it all: the desire to reinforce your professional success, and the intention to honorably fulfill the expectations associated with the name "Mercedes Benz". The new Sprinter – outstanding low-tonnage car, which absorbed the whole a great experience and enthusiasm of its creators. As a result, the car in front of you, from whom you expect great things. According to, who has experience with these questions. Light-duty trucks, which like all his predecessors in definition must be the benchmark in its segment. You will see the new Sprinter in all respects, has remained true to this principle. Enough to estimate only the new concept of its design with the typical Mercedes-Benz exterior, sweeping proportions and interesting sketch of the main lines.

Be sure – now you have a professional partner with whom you can handle any task. ADAPTIVE ESP After cornering at speed five tons behave other than the three in critical driving situations fully loaded vans behaves differently than empty. Therefore, the new Sprinter now has a more efficient electronic stability control system ESP It ADAPTIVE ESP is the first time takes into account one of the most important dynamic factors – the load on the vehicle. Because this option during the trip may vary, sensors continuously record the degree of loading. Learn more at this site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. With their help, ADAPTIVE ESP system better dosing their stabilizing function. With this new Sprinter became even more secure.

Work on this – a pleasure. Maybe someday all light-duty trucks will have this comfort and quality that drivers will forget about his true purpose. In any case, the new Sprinter is now akin to a passenger car. The instrument panel is ergonomically placed controls, there are pleasant to touch and the eye. Comfortable in all respects fit the driver quickly achieved through a substantial margin for all sorts of adjustments ergonomic seat. In the car, more than ever practical branches, sections and pockets for storing items. And of course in the cockpit there is room for climate control, radio with CD-player and navigation system on a DVD-ROM.

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