The iPad

October 4, 2011

iPad – what is it? Toy or assistant to work 'Apple' has announced it as a gadget that costs $ 500. That is, it is not a toy (a very expensive price for a toy). Assistant? – Maybe But today's mobile technologies (laptop, mobile phone ) usually make a stronger protection against external influences. With a touch screen on the iPad no protection at all. Maybe 10-12 years ago, the owner of the laptop has saved it from scratches, but today people use devices worldwide, and in different places, in fact everywhere. After only one month of use iPad screen will be scratched. I know about modern plastmasskah that can protect the screen – but it's not the technology that can be purchased for $ 500. Next question – the internal memory iPad – 32Gb.

This is a joke or not? Modern mobile phones have a built-in memory. So iPad has a larger size and volume, and as much memory as a small phone. Modern people want read books and watch movies on your gadget. But 32Gb of memory – 2GB for the operating system, 10Gb necessary soft. So what we have – 20Gb for music and movies. My idea – if you want to buy a very expensive picture frames – You can do it.

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