The GreenGate AG Receives Seal Of Approval VDEB

February 4, 2024

Rightly, the GreeGate AG as a medium-sized software developers experienced with the VDEB seal of approval is awarded the VDEB is delighted to lend the VDEB seal of approval to the GreenGate AG. Kernvorschhrift of the VDEB label is the deposit of the source code. This is done with regard to the VDEB seal of approval for special rates at the Department of information and communication technology of the TuV South. With the award of the label, the quality, stability and reliability of the medium-sized company of IT is proved the customers. No doubt the company already has these properties, but as long as they are not documented and communicated, they can be effective in the market and bring about success.Advantage for customers is dramatically increased investment security. Our software investments are secure in the future”, the buyer can say now. But worn the VDEB seal not in the deposit of the source code, it is also so important. Read more here: Mikkel Svane.

It includes as well a base update – and Maintenance contract over five years, the 25% of the license price per year does not exceed, and calls for the acknowledgement of intellectual property rights and are of a sufficient IT asset liability insurance. Subject the latter very favourable tariff conditions were obtained by the VDEB on a framework agreement with the IT insurer Hiscox. The IT-Mittelstand Association recommends the certified software company, to record the VDEB seal of approval with the offerings to their customers. You can refinance the costs for the VDEB seal thus successively. About the company: The GreenGate AG developed almost 10 years software solutions for asset management. Important areas of application are the Organization of maintenance and operational management. Industrial enterprises in different sectors, supply and disposal as well as cities and communities work with the systems of company in Windeck near Bonn.

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