June 12, 2023

MMH, textile creates new Web presentation for future initiative NRW sharing knowledge is true power. Recently Steve Wozniak sought to clarify these questions. So the future initiative expands NRW international communication fabric and has completely redesigned the Web presentation. A modern information and Exchange platform was created with for the textile and clothing industry on the Rhine and Ruhr. The portal is now from the Ludenscheid based communications agency mmh restructures, content expanded and redesigned. All important background information and analysis of the textile and clothing industry in North Rhine-Westphalia can be read at zitex.de. So for example, recent industry studies and guides for everyday operation available free of charge.

We offer in addition to the extensive technical information about the domestic textile and apparel industry, as well as their structures”important background information on international markets, Detlef Braun, ZiTex project manager, and this says free and around the clock to download.” E-business is for many companies in the textile and clothing industry become an everyday occurrence, unless technical research or the quick exchange of company and product information. So more and more industry data are published also in the future initiative textile electronically NRW and this sometimes international. Because the new site zitex.de is available mostly in English. The Web portal zitex.de will be successively expanded and updated regularly. The content will be comfortable through the flexible content management system Typo3 “extended and updated.

Thus, quick editing in different languages is always guaranteed. The main team has implemented all technical innovations in the redesign of zitex.de, which are standard for the modern Web publishing (E.g. good findability via search engine query). ZiTex – future initiative textile NRW (ZiTex) has existed since May 2004 as himself carrying Association of the textile and clothing industry in North Rhine-Westphalia without State contributions. It was created financing from the homonymous State initiative with State (coupons), which was founded in 1996. ZiTex understands as an organization of the textile and garment industry, which operates from North Rhine-Westphalia context out and has a nationwide unique differentiator as a structural core element: the joint sponsorship by employers and trade unions.

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