Perception – Rose Bush (Hybrid Tea )

June 14, 2024

FLOWER different colors make the flower quite unique. Most of the golden-cream petals, the upper edge of the classic pink, petal pink as if sprayed. The combination is very effective, and a miracle that with such an abundance of flowers, each of them looks as if it was painted by hand. The size and shape […]

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Drilling Wells

January 15, 2024

Drilling holes in your suburban area to provide water for human needs and irrigation is an important step arrangement of the site. Do not forget that the only suitable site for an artesian well or wells in the sand. Than they differ? Artesian well certainly gives you more water, and much longer working. On the […]

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Storage Gladioli

December 31, 2023

One of the most famous flowers bloom in autumn, no doubt, are the gladioli. For most of us gladioli for even two or three years of existence, could be associated with whichever comes first September, as students often first teacher brought these flowers from their gardens. And by the way once it gladioli – natural, […]

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