Stress – A Waste Of Energy

January 8, 2024

Let’s get together – you and me – spend a little experiment. According to the results you can immediately determine whether to you what I’m talking about relaxation or not. I’m not going to dictate to you what – the dogma: all that I suggest and tell, you can check for yourself on their personal experiences. So, lay on the floor mat and lie on your back. You can do the exercises while lying on the bed, but preferably all on the floor, because your problem – demonstrate compliance itself, rather than test compliance of the bed. Ask anyone – some of his friends to help you conduct this experiment. Then you can and even should get him to swap roles, all of which take a lot of pleasure you both. First, you are a client, and he a psychologist, and then – on the contrary. Lie down quietly for a few seconds with my eyes closed, trying to maximally relax your body. Then the “psychologist” standing on your right, you should take a right leg just below the ankle. Ask him to lift his leg on 15 – 20 inches from the floor (at an angle of 45 degrees), and then release. Repeat this movement several times.

Then let the “psychology” again raise your leg over the ankle but before I let her pick up the other arm under the knee. If he keeps you in the ankle with his right hand, then his left hand should be placed in the popliteal cavity. Connect with other leaders such as CEO of CoStar here. After which the right hand should be removed immediately. There is a possibility that your leg and will remain extended in the air. It may take a few seconds before you figure out what it yourself hold. After all, your leg is now nothing holding in the up state: ‘psychologist’ took his hand away from the ankle and supports only the hip. The only conclusion that this can be done – the muscles of your legs tensed involuntarily. You are now clearly seen that muscle tension requires energy. If your muscles reduced, that is strained, without your knowledge or intentions, just imagine what a lot of energy you’re wasting, it is in vain! Of course, if you’re one lucky man, who by the nature of his inexhaustible fullness vitality, for you it is not so important. But such people – a rarity. Most of us live bustle of modern life, so you must save its internal energy. We must cherish every drop of energy: the only way we can live a normal life, work and enjoy all the wonderful opportunities that are generously offering us life.

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