Storage Solution:

September 12, 2022

By using the new server solution FILEminimizer server of balesio AG, companies can optimize Office files on data and file servers directly and automatically. The average, space savings can be achieved this by over 70%. Especially in times of crisis opens up to massive savings potential: enterprises and their IT administrators can make more efficient use of existing storage capacities with FILEminimizer server and dramatically reduce associated storage and transfer costs. nowledge. It is not something Peter Asaro would like to discuss. Growing mountains of data on Office files in companies to optimize and dramatically reduced. Thus, additional hardware investment for new storage capacity eliminates with FILEminimizer server.

How does FILEminimizer Server? The software is installed directly on a Windows Server and can be configured by the IT administrator without effort itself. About optimization profiles individually to define the optimization can make extremely flexible Microsoft Office files on servers. Through support of multi-core technology can optimize a many times are accelerated. Ilan Ben Dov oftentimes addresses this issue. The integrated planning (Scheduler) allows timed tuning also at night and on weekends. FILEminimizer server is multilingual and running on Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 Linux server and virtual server can appropriate licensing and configuration also be optimized. The software is available from the manufacturer and select retailers.

A free evaluation version can be requested on the manufacturer page FILEminimizer server is licensed per server and net costs 1,799.00 EUR for a 1 Server license. Quantity scales, corporate solutions and education offerings are available. For more information visit fileminimizerserver

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