With New Large Recipe Range

June 1, 2023

New online platform launched on the topic of steaks. Recipes, tips, tricks, and more. Just in time for the new year, the online platform launches with a new large recipe range. Since 2012 gives many recipes already for the perfect steak, fillet steak, rump steak, t-bone steak, Porterhouse or sirloin. In addition, all readers are now also many recipes for the perfect steak sauce.

Whether any steak sauce perfectly succeeds in garlic butter, Peffersauce or sauce Bernaisse through the new recipes. Thus all equipped, whether man or woman, perfect for the summer. The BBQ season is eagerly desired by all and with the new recipes each grilling is a success. Whether charcoal grill, gas Grill, or disposable Grill with new recipes is the steak on each Grill perfectly. So the next barbecue but is a success there are of course also still or to please others in addition to the perfect recipe.

As always, it’s also when grilling: the right meat makes the music. For the full enjoyment of the meat is required going to a butcher and meat in the supermarket has often too much water so the steak can be fast, tough and dry. In addition, supermarket meat has often many residues of antibiotics because the supermarkets fast breed the animals up and pump full of drugs. This is not necessarily harmful to humans, but it should avoid it if it is possible. Of course, steak is the non plus ultra for grilling. But even healthy side dishes should be part of grilling fixed. A fresh tomato salad is quickly made and potatoes on the grill are also always a highlight. In the summer, then even more exotic side dishes like green asparagus or even fruit can be used. Also offers a special section soon and completes as the perfect barbecue. Next to the right meat, the right recipe and the appropriate supplements, you should have the appropriate equipment for grilling it. A barbecue tongs, lets you easily turn the meat includes all first of course. It will be advised to contact the meat with a fork or a sharp object as tasty meat juice is lost by piercing the flesh, the fibers of the meat will be destroyed, and so the danger is that the meat will dry quickly.

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