Site Creating

May 7, 2017

Hello! I want to tell you how you can create a good site, with minimal cost and without any knowledge of html and php. In the very first choose a hosting service that will store our site. Hosting is free and paid. We choose free, because it will be at no cost. Most often, free hosting is the domain of the third level.

You can choose the most convenient for you hosting this page. Hosting service chosen. Learn more at: Peter Asaro . Now select the engine for the site. Engine – a system site management, ie software package consisting of a small number of modules combined into one system. I would advise you to dle (for the news site) or WordPress (for blog).

Upload engine, which you most liked the server, and install it (most often a way of / install.php or / install /). When you install you will need to enter data db are not lost, just look at the data in the panel on hosting. After installation go to your domain. Hooray! Website earned! That's all the site is ready. Now in the admin panel, configure the site, create categories, add news. If you are not satisfied with your design, then the templates can be downloaded on our website for web-masters. Good luck!

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