March 11, 2012

Sim Clone (MultiSIM) – in fact, is not "unlock". This method uses some features of test SIM cards belonging to the operator, with which there is a "hoax" phone – iPhone believes that the SIM card belongs to the operator AT & T. When using this method with a SIM card subscriber scans information you need to log into the GSM network operator (IMSI, ICCID and a secret key Ki) and recorded on a special smart card that will be emulate SIM. The main problem with this method is that the secret key Ki can be considered only with the first generation of SIM cards (SIMv1). Requires special equipment, time-consuming. Sim Proxy (TurboSIM, StealthSIM, NextSIM, X-SIM, etc.) – a logical continued SimClone method. Only with hardware "installation" (proxy) between the phone and SIM card.

When the phone asks for information to verify that it belongs to the operator, Sim Proxy gives a metric map AT & T, the remaining cases redirects requests to the subscriber's SIM card. Very easy to use – you just cut your sim card and put on her card and then insert this structure into the phone. Requires no special equipment. In order to understand the process, let's look at how the phone is arranged. How does the iPhone phone that you hold (or will hold) in their hands, nothing exclusive in terms of its devices in general do not represents. The only difference from the brothers in the class – otstutstvie keyboard and a display recognizing the two points of contact simultaneously.

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