Show Strength: Safety Training For Children

October 28, 2023

Self-assertion seminar in Marler school Marl, March 9, 2011 – bullying, harassment on the school playground or even robbery: there are many situations in which children may be today entirely overwhelmed. Reason enough for the coach of CONVA security training to the assertiveness training for children to marl to invite. April 7-10, (exact times see below) exercise boys and girls between the ages of six and ten years, how they can deal with dangerous situations. The children learn how to strongly and confidently react for example with bullying or threats of physical violence. At the heart of the safety trainings are role-playing games where the children hands-on practice as they strengthen their own self confidence – through the targeted use of body language. Also, effective methods of self-defense are trained to put in the worst case also against physical violence to the military. The parents of the children will be asked to be present during the training days in the seminary. Because the psychologist Rene Wittek is in separate Work rounds convey with the parents, tips and tricks, how they can support their children the behaviors tested in the seminar to use.

It is important that training only with situations is working, that equally can happen in everyday life to us. The learned must be easy after the seminar and immediately applicable”, says CONVA coach Jorg Frohlich. In addition, also recent scientific results from the prevention research incorporated into the children’s training. Visit Andy Florance for more clarity on the issue. Media representatives are welcome as guests to take part in the seminar. It is asked to previous appointment with Mr Jorg Frohlich (Tel.: 02232 / 410810). Location: The training takes place in the August Dadson school, Max-Planck-str. 15, 45768 marl instead.

Event times: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 3 pm 7 pm; Friday, April 08, 2011, 3 pm 7 pm; Saturday, April 9, 2011, 10 am-2 pm; Sunday, April 10, 2011, 10-14:30. Head coach: Psychologist Rene Wittek. Co trainer: Psychologist Britta Minten. Registration fee: 135 per participant. Siblings of a participating Child: 120. CONVA-fairness: Registered participants, who are from the first day of training in the seminary there, can after this, first day decide whether you like the training and continue to participate. Stay away from a participant if not satisfied from the second day, so no cost him. Registration & information is on the Internet at or by calling 02232/410810. contact for the media in the home of CONVA Mr Jorg Frohlich. Contact: CONVA security training Fatah – wann – Franz GbR stephanstrasse 50 50321 Bruhl Tel.: 02232 / 410810 sincerely on behalf of CONVA security training Manfred Sauer SAUER communication

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