June 15, 2023

End of 2007 Harry and Corinna have discovered the Internet portal recommended by friends to… End of 2007 Harry and Corinna have discovered to the Internet portal recommended by friends, logged in and how the random play so quickly they had contact. After some mails, there was a first date in a restaurant and discovered common ground. Both like training in the gym, love travel and good conversations for a glass of red wine out of riding. Although they lived only 30 km apart, they had not run is still about the way. The result: both were quickly a horse-enthusiastic, happy, loving couple. Corinna is 33 years young and teaches English and French. The cheerful Corinna was single a year before she found her soul mate on

During the study period was still time tournament air to breathe and so Corinna collected loops in and A dressage. The 48 year old ex-single Harald, has had any experience with married life and was solo 1 years until he found his girlfriend. As He is an independent consultant whenever it comes with Pico, his 14-year-old dark brown Westfalen gelding in the terrain on the way. Pico went jumping early to class M. “On the question, when it was sparked because really, comes the reply prompt: briefly, after we had met know we took part in a hunt, and are ridden side by side, that was the moment where we knew we belong together”, Harry shines… For riders it is often difficult to find the right partner”, the two explain, because simply the bulk is spent at leisure in the stable. Care of the horse, ride, be with like-minded people together. “While a great thing, our horses are in different stalls, but you know where the partner is understanding if it takes even longer and we have our horse always an exciting topic” says Corinna and nods to Harry, Yes, it’s perfect “, he says, takes Corinna in the arm.

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