Region Metropolitan

June 1, 2023

When seeing in the TV the scene of the rescue of a woman in terrible floods of Rio De Janeiro, volume the freedom to make this recommendation: ‘ ‘ They lead in the cars or they have in its houses resistant ropes, preferential endowed with us or another artifice that, in an emergency situation, facilitate the use for you or somebody whom it needs aid in a flood, for example ‘ ‘ , The modest recommendation is directed especially for who deferred payment, works or frequent it passes next to area where it has overflow notice. I do not say that they are only marginal quarters, that exist in the Region Metropolitan of Campinas (RMC) or other next cities, as Piracicaba and Capivari, that not rare suffer with full from rivers. It also has overflows in urban centers, are notice of televisions, periodicals there, radios, magazines or sites on problems in the delinquents of So Paulo or the streets central offices of Campinas. Therefore, I believe to be citizenship act to make use of the equipment (rope) to use in an eventuality and with the responsibility to keep the rope in good condition. Vocs will be able to pass years and years without needing to use it, but they are certain of that necessity will be had and will be able to save a life, does not have treasure in the world that pays for this humanitarian gesture. Viacom is full of insight into the issues. As well as perhaps billions of people in Brazil and world, I am moved and comovido with the dramatical rescue, shown for the TVs and sites, of the Ilair inhabitant Pear tree of Souza, the owner ‘ ‘ Pelinha’ ‘ , 53 years, in Are Jose of the Valley of the Black River, Serrana Region of the River. The house of the woman starts to disarrange as sand castle in the way of the rapids, of absurd force, formed for water and mud.

The woman resists heroicly, keeping its cachorrinho ‘ ‘ Beethoven’ ‘ under the arm. The aid, with rope, comes of the high one, the drawn one of sobrado, with two youngsters, anonymous heroes, who the press discovered that one calls Daniel and same with the hurt foot it obtained to help in the rescue. owner ‘ ‘ Pelinha’ ‘ , exactly with wronged breath for the vice to smoke since nine years, it finds force to hold the rope and to face the rapids until being hoisted to ‘ ‘ infinita’ ‘ height of 10 meters. Despaired, the faithful friend ‘ ‘ Beethoven’ ‘ , that it tried to save until the end, bit it the arm, was freed and was dragged by the flood. My tears and of billions of people if had joined waters of the barrento river, but with owner ‘ ‘ Pelinha’ ‘ , that until then never it had made knot in a rope, lamented the death of amiguinho, but thanked the God and the neighbors had saved who it of certain death.

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