Poetry and Theater

October 22, 2023

Mediocre poets are also called rhymer. Weave rhymes of words – this is poetry. But the poems are good, and there are bad. These poetry lovers know how to distinguish truly talented verses from the daub graphomaniac. And the mere mortal it is immediately clear that, for example – I've driven north wind, the frost lifted up my ears – this is not poetry, what is called a pearl in quotation marks. Beautiful poetry can be seen immediately. They feel the soul and heart.

A poet once looked like this: zasmoktannye long, long unwashed hair, odor emanating from the body (wash it once – all the while employing creativity), a beard or several days unshaven, cigarette, cigarette or pipe in his mouth, looking to the future and always look empty pockets. Today is a poet, or so, as described above or vice versa – a respectable, clean-shaven and smartly dressed young man. Beautiful verses at everyone. Someone love poems era Gumilev, someone enthusiastic about the Japanese haiku, and someone gets pleasure from the abyss of Shakespeare's sonnets. Each person has their taste, and if he does not like poetry (which rarely happens), then he prefers to read fiction. And someone even looks just the movie and goes to the theater, ignoring the books, poetry and prose combined. Well-read man is seen at once, or rather heard. Andrew Paradise can provide more clarity in the matter.

Talking of a man poured the complex words. Surely at his house a lot of dusty books, collected on the shelves. They cite favorite poems, and most of them know by heart. How do I know what kind of person in front of you? Ask him what his favorite poems, and you able on the basis of the judge, who you actually are dealing with. Sufficiently relevant and reflects the reality of today has a saying – tell me what you read / watch / listen, and I'll tell you who you are. Of course, reading books is passion, a kind of hobby. But who would have thought that, for example, this hobby will grow personally in my profession, just help me in my profession, my work, which consists in writing texts for websites. It was the books I read during the holidays, the books that I read voraciously – day and night – with a flashlight under the covers, have become the foundation upon which I was able to independently put words into beautiful and compelling (I hope) about it. Power of the word actually exists, even in the Bible says that in the beginning was the Word, that is exactly the word – the beginning of all beginnings. Not for nothing the media, a tool which is a word considered the fourth estate. Word can hurt, but the word can and cure. It is not easy to find the right word to describe any event, as if the words are arranged in rhyme, with well-built, so if you still have meaning in these poems, their author – Respect and respect. Poetry and poems, prose and novels, graphomaniac and real talent, writers, poets, writers and playwrights, novelists and poets, singers – all these words in common – involvement in this kind of art, creativity, as literature.

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