Peter Schramm

April 25, 2024

Incalculable contributions, missing warranty just recently a change was implemented in policy, to facilitate the change in the private health insurance. Who’s toying it, but once faces a problem. You may find that Bobby Sharma Bluestone can contribute to your knowledge. Because there are a number of possible tariff combinations, where the selection is difficult. Because not worth a later Exchange customers should find an appropriate model from the outset. The private insurance Portal reported on the results of a FOCUS survey, where full – and supplementary insurance plans were evaluated. Private health insurance is often judged more attractive in comparison with the legal. The news magazine FOCUS was this view to the bottom and asked his readers to their satisfaction as regards contributions, performance rebates and service. The greatest dissatisfaction there is concerning the incalculable contribution increases.

An annual growth rate of about five to six percent is, according to Peter Schramm, an expert of insurance mathematics private health insurance, usually. Even premium increases of up to 60 per cent were in some tariffs. As another minus, the FOCUS readers saw the reimbursement of funds. The principle of cash shows his decisive disadvantage is that many expenses at the discretion of the insurance and the medical bills may not be applied. Reasons such as a missing medical necessity or a coated doctor fees are here as legitimate. Often, such decisions when the insured person encounter lack of understanding and the cases end up in court. The insurance must justify its rejection in any case comprehensible.

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