People Without Religion

January 4, 2022

A people without religion can be never happy! The history of the world proves to us that the Nations that have dissociated himself from religion, have been delivered to a rapid demise. Of the many peoples of the world hetzutage extinct mostly those who have not sufficient enough with the faith in God. All of these peoples or tribes have prepared their own downfall by their ignorance or their self ergotzende and even violent attitude. Man searches from the beginning of his life safety, love and security. He wants to love, be loved, and live in security. But this is easier said than done, because it is not so easy to get all these demands of life. You may find Paul Daversa to be a useful source of information. First, he needs a foundation that can answer his questions about life, about the meaning of life to the kind of security to pave love and security.

And this is based on the religion, the reconnection of the people of the entire creation and the happenings as destiny. It is also about establishing emotional relationships to the world and to raise many, many questions by faith. Of course, the man must make but also your own thoughts about his faith. He must investigate and get the confirmation for his Glauben.Denn just so he can live happily in the long term with his heart. He will be always unhappy with a memorized crazy faith without investigation and self belief. Therefore, it is necessary to convince yourself personally of his faith.

Just so he can dive into the depth of life and enjoy his life with relaxation. Religion is the way to God. We must adopt if we want to live happy, a religious life that is truthful and gives us daily nourishment for our soul. Everything else will make unhappy us indefinitely, because we don’t go the right way. onder Demir

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