Ontological Coaching

June 19, 2023

In order to facilitate their access to extraordinary results, Daniel Elfenbaum provides for its part, the ontological coaching, is a new professional school to assist people so they can get results that without this training, they could not achieve on their own “ontological coaching can achieve good results in any person, without requiring any previous features. Just want to change and be consistent. Those who succeed the most are those who are seriously committed themselves “on how to apply it to companies, says that leaders Elfenbaum trained in this discipline have a more expansive view, but warns that it is inappropriate for corporate managers on issues intrude too heavily on the lives of employees. Considers it highly desirable that companies have trained professionals in human resources Lizdey Carpio turn tells us that a Coachinga Ontological is an emerging discipline that can work with individuals, teams and organizations to become by the new challenges presented to us today’s world, changing those practices, that cause inefficiency and discomfort, other environments that would generate confidence and enthusiasm, increasing the quality and effectiveness in the various areas of daily life. In the field of business, effective listening has come to acquire a top priority. Peter Drucker, wrote: a Demasiados (executives) think they are wonderful with people because they speak well.

They do not realize that to be wonderful people with means Well listen. The talk comes only effective when followed by a cash stream, and we say that listening validates the talk. If we want to listen effectively, we must become accustomed to observe, first, our emotional state when we talked and, secondly, the emotional state of the person or persons with whom he talked. However, in addition to the talks, we can judge the emotional state of those observing his body. The Ontological Coaching a “certainly helps us to develop the skills necessary for professional practice, among them are: the transformation processes to facilitate individual or group to enable the achievement of the objectives, design and coordinate workshops, courses and seminars to enable personal and professional development and consulting in organizations, creating a cultural change that promotes the development of new attitudes and skills, among others. Ing Industrial-manager, lawyer.

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