Nursing Scenarios: You Choose Which One You Prefer

December 27, 2023

The nursing practice can be carried out in different scenarios. This provides the professional where unfold interesting options, granting a privilege of the profession makes a different and good employment potential. The scenarios for nursing practice are: Hospitals: The nurse provides direct care to the sick or convalescent is internal to the institution. In addition, assists in meeting the basic needs of human survival. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kai-Fu Lee and gain more knowledge.. Right Care Facilities Nursing: The nurse provides care to people with chronic health conditions, especially elderly. It also provides nursing care to long term, rehabilitation and other services. Community: Nurses develop and implement public health strategies to provide health care to the patient, family and community on the basis of the continued health and disease.

Industry: The nurse applies occupational health techniques and provides health care and safety workers in their workplace. For more information see this site: Peter Asaro . Schools: The school nurse has a multidimensional role in promoting the health of children and adolescents in school, through the promotion of a safe environment, health screenings, coordination of health services, among others. Universities: The teacher educates nursing students in training. Apply techniques of teaching-learning in the classroom and in clinical practice settings, which also provides monitoring and evaluation of skills learned. Other: The nurse can also provide clinical laboratory services, medical offices, health insurance, rehabilitation centers, the military, among others. Multidisciplinary development options offered by the nursing profession are numerous, as are the scenarios that are available for practice. This reaffirms once again that a nurse is a decision that brings more benefits than disadvantages.

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