North Holland

July 4, 2023

A drive through five provinces of the Netherlands you must not necessarily holiday his at one point. Tour or a ride of along many points is often an interesting alternative to the usual stay at the resort. This applies not only to distant targets, also a holiday in Holland can be so spent. Just off the major tourist cities, the small country has to offer so many featured spot, you must want to explore only. Zendesk understood the implications. And better than with an individual drive, getting as close as possible to the coast, can hardly discover the charm of port locations and fishing towns on the North Sea coast between Delfzijl in the North and Cadzand in the far south.

In, an interesting route along the entire Dutch coastline is described. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Triago. The tour ending in Zeeland on the border with Belgium begins in Groningen. Here the Dollard runs along the border of Germany and the Netherlands. Initially, the coastline is somewhat sparse, but at least start amounting to Harlingen the first real sand beaches. More Route of Fryslan and the Afsluitdijk continues through North Holland and South Holland. From Den Helder, then really, beach life is announced. Here better than the other is a sandy beach and to the summer holidays, something is going on everywhere.

Well-known resorts such as Zandvoort, Julianadorp, Callantsoog stand for perfectly organised tourism in summertime. Seaside resorts like Scheveningen before the Hague offer entertainment for all tastes and in the evening, it’s quite fashionable on the promenade. Young people celebrating on the beach and you can see families with children at the seaside. But that’s not the sense of which travel actually just because it goes more to the beautiful spots in between. On the road again well-known and worth seeing places are described and also destinations not to be neglected. To take this trip because of the family Association, some variety should be offered also the children and also a lazy day at the beach should be in there. The ways to leave this trip along by dikes, dunes and much history even include in addition to the drive a motorcycle tour or even a bicycle trip. Also the accommodation is very well served here in Holland, hotel rooms with good service it just waiting for travellers such as a campsite or small guest-houses at affordable prices. However, you should plan such a trip before well and timely book the accommodation, because otherwise the fun of the trip is spoiled quickly through long search after a night instead. Especially for the main season barely a free bed will be is namely in the popular holiday destination. Has it but carefully planned in advance the process and its accommodation booked in advance, much time for spontaneous trips and countless beaches for really nice days in Holland. Frank Hartmann

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