New Cooperation Partner

September 16, 2018

Words with one click use online dictionary everywhere from your desktop look is more than an online dictionary: the database itself not only as a search tool for quick translations, but especially as a platform for a large community that feeds the vocabulary database with their language knowledge. The idea behind is similar to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia: the users themselves can propose new translations, revise, and unlock. This principle is proved: ranks in the German-speaking on place 38 (global space 805) of the Alexa Server service and is one of the most important sites on the net! The creators of have a major partner and enjoy more. With the, newly integrated function,”can user get the lookup functions of online dictionary directly on the desktop. Instead of having to open extra browser and typing the desired word by hand, the word is now comfortably in an email, a PDF, or a Highlight, copy, and with a click of to look up Word document.

“Martin Welker, CEO and founder of Axonic, says: this new feature is a great extension and fits right into our performance spectrum: is fast, convenient and time saving.” Paul Hemetsberger, founder of, supplemented: is a fascinating app. is playfully popped on the desktop with just one click, and significantly increased the accessibility of the vocabulary database. I’m sure that this combination enthusiastically is also used by our users.” for Mac and Windows available free for Mac and Windows on download is ready. Axonic and, Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a software company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. The company, founded in 2003 by Martin Welker, researches and developed intensively for several years in the area of communication intelligence”- targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of Communication. From the idea of the complex interplay of different staff to a common denominator to want to, arose from 2011”: an easy-to-use desktop app, the programs and Web page services of all kinds cross-linked. About – the dictionary to participate In contrast to other online dictionaries can users at suggest not only new translations, but also all entries using the peer-review process to review, change and unlock. The basic idea is the idea of Wikipedia, similar to the common structure of a free source of knowledge.

In this way, the vocabulary to about 800 translations is growing every day. German English has already clearly surpassed most other online dictionaries with over 880,000 items. Even 50 more language combinations are offered in addition to German English. Other functions at are speech (recordings by native speakers), vocabulary, translation Forum, synonym – diffraction information and apps for the most popular smartphone platforms. With about 6 million page impressions and 750,000 unique visitors, is one of the most popular Internet reference works in the German-speaking world.

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