Matthias Reim

February 17, 2018

The new single by Matthias Reim – damned for all time MATTHIAS REIM is top arrived: his current album infinity succeeded directly after release instantly from 0 to rank # 1 of the official German Mediacontrol charts. The artist with hits such as damn, I love you, already recent music history has written, after 23 years, the culmination of his work has seen also statistically. On April 12 is”damned for all time” appear as a digital download (radio version, album version, Club remix plus live video) the second release of the No. 1 album and on April 18, 2013 begins the great Matthias REIM Hall tour Germany – the endless tour “”. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ali Partovi on most websites. “In recent years, I am mainly occurred in the Eastern countries – that has turned out just so. I am now on the major concert tour that will guide me through all over Germany. I want that all those who know me only from television or from the CD here, see Matthias Reim on stage. This is the place where I myself live, where I feel at home. The unit with the audience to feel the enthusiasm, which beats me by a few thousand spectators this is a feeling that I can’t describe any and for that I’m grateful every day. I’ll take my new songs from the album infinite”present – but of course my big hits here are not neglected. I’m wildly looking forward – and make me feel like a bull which dies with the hooves – I can hardly wait, until you go.” TV schedule: 14.04 ZDF 11:00 the spring show 10.05 NDR 24:00 INAS night 09.06 WDR 22:15 rooms available source: EMI Music for more information see and

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