Many Possibilities

January 9, 2022

Currently innumerable possibilities of measurement of physiological 0 variable are disponibilizadas and the professionals had started to trust each time plus its disgnostic the answers of the characteristic parameters of the equipment, being increased the risk of the use of these, without the adjusted metrolgica evaluation. No specific metrolgico regulation does not exist that folloies the metrolgica trustworthiness of the characteristic parameters during the useful life of the equipment, that is, in the after-commercialization. Continue to learn more with: Paul Daversa. For analogy to other equipment used in the area of health in similar situation, the impacts can be assayed on the medical decisions and the occurrence of resultant adverse effect of not-conformity 27 metrolgicas . Consideraes Metrolgicas The metrologia has advanced in new domnios and the legal metrologia, going beyond its classic concepts (industry and commerce). The relation metrologia health of years 80 said respect to the measurement of the intensities of the ionizing radiations and the absorvveis doses for the human being, resulting in security norms. Today it starts to exert the control above all what it involves the question of the health human being, on the basis of what if calls principle the precaution 28 (anticipation of the risks), a current aspect that conducts the 29 regulations in diverse levels and countries.

The metrologia if makes gift in some branches of the medicine and biology, as in the x-ray where errors of application in the quantification of irradiation can provoke biological damages or result in inefficacious medical treatments. For the medical disgnostic that if base on biological analyses, they are demanded the quality metrolgica of the measures, the maintenance and rastreabilidade of reference standards certifyd, and the correct calibrated equipment use. The professionals of the health who based its disgnostic and the corresponding treatment on function of its experiences and intuition had started to depend on new 0 variable and results based on the technology that as much brings benefits as it makes possible the occurrence of imperfections in devices, demanding assays of performance in the eletromdicos equipment in use, in the able laboratories in order to reduce the probability of errors.

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