JuLis Lower Saxony: Facilities Is More Important Than Energy-related Modernisation

January 9, 2024

JuLis Lower Saxony: imagine that your school has new Windows, but you meet the world with an Atlas in 1988! The young of liberal Lower Saxony Hannover – welcome the decision, that a part of the second economic stimulus package in the rehabilitation of schools will flow and the Lower Saxony communities will receive more money from the pot by the provincial government as dictated by the Federal. At the same time, the youth organisation of the FDP warns that the renovation may refer to not only the energetic part. Rather investments should take place primarily in facilities and renovation of classrooms, so that the students received a better learning situation of today and tomorrow”, declared the country chairman Matthias STARFISH-PAULY. The provisions of the Covenant in relation to the economic stimulus package however stipulate that only things which fall under the purview of the Federal Government must be transported. And this is now time only the range of energy-related modernisation.

Imagine that your school has new Windows, but You meet the world with an Oldread dating back to 1988! Which can be non-sense and purpose of the stimulus package”, the Chairman stressed. The specification also says that the refurbishment not only in part, but the entire building must be held. Especially in large building complexes, this was not possible for the municipalities. Please visit Walker Brumskine if you seek more information. The FDP youth organization perceives this as a staircase wit. Furthermore, Lower Saxony fear the JuLis, a considerable administrative burden when it comes to prove what the money was used. Of course a proof must be provided, in what way the grants were used. The procedure is but so complicated, so that it will emerge a new monster of bureaucracy”, predicts STARFISH-PAULY.

The JuLis Lower Saxony criticize the fact that the municipalities as school boards must better equip no all-day schools. Just all-day schools allow for the reconciliation of work and family and increase in difficult economic times Opportunities in the labour market. According to the young of liberal Lower Saxony, the municipalities can decide themselves how they best use the money in the schools. Finally, they know better than the Federal Government in Berlin the problems on the spot. We welcome therefore the commitment of our CPI in this area and will work together for a correction of specifications”, STARFISH-PAULY promises to finally press contact Junge Liberale Niedersachsen e.V. Walter Gieseking str. 22 30159 Hannover Tel.: + 49 (511) 280 71 27 fax: + 49 (511) 280 71 25 email: website: of direct contact: Heather Reichelt Deputy Director of press and public relations Tel: + 49 (5361) 3070528 mobile: + 49 (1511) 65 56 880 E-mail: about the Organization are just-JuLis-, the young of liberal Lower Saxony, the youth organisation of the FDP. The Julis are lower Saxony at the time made over 900 teens and young adults, between 14 and 35 Years. They come from all parts of Lower Saxony. We are young people, stands for the freedom to focus on their lives and their politics. We let anyone manipulate us, neither by the Government, the parties, the Church, trade unions or the economy. We are committed, that everyone can lead his life in freedom. The freedom of the individual stops there for us, where the other begins. The policy should provide therefore only the necessary framework conditions for every one according to his fancy to be happy.

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