How To Protect Yourself From Ticks

November 8, 2023

In the spring, when setting a long-awaited warm weather, there is fresh grass, leaves on plants are disclosed, understandable desire of a large number of residents is to go for gorod.Odnako with nature wake up and different not too pleasant its inhabitants – such as ticks. In the warmer regions of Russia in March to the trauma center records your visits with residents of the tick bite. The period of awakening mites regulated weather – as soon as soil temperature increases to 5-7 degrees, ticks become active and start looking for a source of sustenance. They climb on grass, twigs of shrubs and low podzhidayutzhivotnyh, relying on the sense of smell and touch. What is so dangerous these little animals? The fact that the mite may be a carrier of dangerous diseases – tick-borne encephalitis, borreliosis (Lyme disease known as), rickettsiosis. So, appearing on areas where ticks may attack, you need to take action profilaktiki.Naibolee effective in preventing encephalitis is vaccination. Check with Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. The vaccine creates a stable body immunity up to three years. The order of the immunity lasts for about two months.

Prior to the formation of immunity is not recommended to visit the 'encephalitic' rayony.No even have immunity from tick-borne encephalitis should visiting the habitats of ticks precautions. TCF Capital Solutions for more details and insights. Light-colored clothing helps timely notice grasping the tick. Carefully tucked sleeves prevent zapolzanie tick on your skin. Also, do not need acaricidal and repellent forget drugs, whose use considerably reduces the chance of a tick bite, and the need for systematic individual and mutual. At the same time remember that the mites often bite at body sites where the most tender skin – such as the neck. Finding the body is already glaring tick, it should be promptly removed. Indeed, the longer the tick bite, the higher the chance of infection pathogens. However, not everyone knows what to do if bitten by ticks. Andrew Paradise follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Just pull it out will not work – the teeth on the proboscis firmly hold the head of the tick in the skin of the victim. It is not recommended to take the tick for the belly – because the wound is cast an even greater number of pathogens. To remove the tick captures forceps and rotated around the axis vytaskivaya.Vazhno carefully to determine whether the tick bites carry the infection. To do this, make an analysis of the mite in the laboratory. Check tick is in the federal and regional Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology. If the tick is a reservoir of tick-borne encephalitis, you can make an emergency vaccination of gamma globulin. In any case, the symptoms of infection should contact the clinic.

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